BIRDING IN SANTA CRUZ (Perito Moreno Glacier)

The vast plains of Patagonia have dazzled naturalists since the earliest times of exploration. Nowadays, the birders are equally fascinated by these scenic landscapes and their special birds. Santa Cruz province is famed for its windswept and barren plateaus. These are home to a number of local bird species that are highly sought after.

Among these are the endangered Hooded Grebe and the Austral Rail. The former has been described in 1974 by Maurice Rumboll, and the later was recently rediscovered by other members of our team.

Other unique birds from this remote side of the world are Patagonian Tinamou, Ruddy-headed Goose, Austral Canastero and Magellanic Plover.

Day 1: Arribal El Calafate.

Day 2: Strobel Plateau.

Day 3: Piedra Buena.

Day 4: Rio Gallegos.



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