Season: October to April

Program: 5 days-4 nights

Day 1: Rio Grande. Arrival at the local airport and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2: Rio Grande. Transfer to Ushuaia traveling through different landscapes, from grassland with sheep farming, to lagoons with waterfowl birds and the wide transitional area offering peat bog and low-deciduous beech forest landscape. After Fagnano and Escondido Lakes, we will cross the Fuegian Andes. Arrival in Ushuaia and dinner. Total number of kilometers for this day: 230.

Fuegian Steppe: Fetusca gracillima, Agrostis flavidula, Festuca magellanica, Poa alopecurus, Alopecurus magellanicus, Deschampsia antarctica, Acaena pinnatifida, Armeria maritima, Calceolaria uniflora, Cerastium arvense, Draba magallanica, etc.

Day 3: Ushuaia. Desayuno.

In the Morning: Transfer to Martial Glacier. This is the best trip to know the ecosystem beyond the forest; the vegetation of the High Andes. Lodging in Ushuaia. The dinner no included.

Species: Ramunculus peduncularis, Caltha sagittata, Caltha appendiculata, Tribelis australis, Perezia recurvata, Perizia pilifera, Perezia magallanica, Bolax gummifera, etc.

In the Afternoon: Boat tour along the Beagle Channel to the Magellanic Penguin colony at Isla Martillo. Sightings of two islands: Isla de los Pájaros and Isla de los Lobos to see cormorants and seals living in colonies. Different types of marine birds can be seen throughout the trip. Return to Ushuaia. Dinner not included. Duration: 6 hours.

Birds: Gentoo Penguin, Magellanic Penguin, Black–browed Albatross, Southern Giant Petrel, Magellanic Diving–Petrel, Rock Cormorant, King Cormorant, Flightless Steamer–Duck, Snowy Sheathbill, Chilean Skua, Dolphin Gull, South American Tern, Dark–Bellied Cinclodes, etc.

Marine Mammals: Sea lions and sometimes a few South American Fur Seals.

Day 4: Ushuaia. Breakfast. Full day tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park to experience the Southern Beech Forest next to the sea. This is the only place in Argentina where a sub-Antarctic Forest and a maritime ecosystem can be observed together, building the southern Fuegian landscape. A lunch box will be provided during the excursion. Return to Ushuaia. Dinner not included. Total number of kilometers for this day: 60 kms.

Evergreen Forest: Drimys winteri, Maytenus magallanica, Nothofagus betuloides, Chiliotrichuum diffusum, Barberis ilicifolia, Ribes magellanicum, Barberis buxifolia, Maytenus disticha, Empretrum rubrum, Luzuriaga marginata, etc.

Deciduous Forest: Nothofagus pumilio, Nothofagus antarctica, Geranium magellanicum, Ribes magellanicum, Cardamine glacialis, Cadonorchis lessonii, Gavilea lutea, etc

Peat Bog: Juncus, aff. Stipulatus, Empretrum Rubrum, Drosera uniflora, Carex Banksii, C.Curta, C.Magallanica, Gunnera magellanica, Marsippospermum grandiflorum, Pernettya pumila, etc.

Fungi: Cyttaria darwinii, Cyttaria harioti, Cyttaria hookeri, Paxillus statuum, Clitocybula dusenii, Armillariella montagnei, Nematolomafrowardii, etc.

Lichens: Sphaerophus australis, Sphaerophus melanocarpus, Usnea pusilia, Cledonia fimbriata, Cladonia metacoralifera, Usnea aurantiacoarta, Usnea campestris, etc.

Day 5: Breakfast. Transfer to the local airport. End of services.



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