This tour is designed around your specific want and need. We initiate the tour in Ushuaia’s city, we drive throw the National route N ° 3 to the East. We go out of the city and the landscape changes complete: ranges, valleys, peat bogs, beaver’s dams, forests of high deciduous beech (lengas), low deciduous beech (ñires) and evergreen beech (coihues) will surprise us.

After cross Olivia´s River we border homonym mount to realize our first stop in the viewing-point of Carbajal valley where we will appreciate the immensity of the place, the relief and the glaciers formations. It is one the best place to Landscape and macho photography.

The Garibaldi Pass (430 mts over the sea level); the guide will explain the behavior of wildlife. After we will cross the Mountain range of the Andes, we will arrive a panoramic view of the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano. It is opportunities to macro and wildlife photography. We continue to Lago Escondido.

Deciduous Forest: High deciduous Beech, Low deciduous Beech, Fire bush, Beberis buxifolia, berberis ilicifolia, Prickly Heath, Pernettya pumilia, Geranium magellanicum, Anemone multifida, Streaked maiden, Viola Commersonii, Primula Magellanica, Vicia magellanica, Senecio accanthifoius, Fashine Yellow Orchid, Green orchid, Dog orchid, Blechum Penna-mairna, etc.

This tour has been designed in the focus on trekking, landscape, and wildlife photography.

In Garibaldi pass we will hike three hours. The trail is a best place to see and photograph of beaver dams, peat bogs, forest and near to the timberline, flowers, etc.

Species: Pedunculate Buttercup, Mountain marigold, Myosurus apetalus, Native Saxifraga, Field chickweed, Sea pink, Mountain violet, Empetrum rubrum, Stick tight, Magellan Strawberry, Epilobium nivale, Devil’s strawberry, Perezia recurvata, Perizia pilifera, Hairy Chocolate flower, Perezia magallanica, Bolax gummifera, etc.

When we reached the limit of vegetation, we started walking from 430 metres to 600. This is the point where we can enjoy the flora and fauna of the high Andes. Return to Ushuaia.
Duration: 8 hours.



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