We are a quality and professional wildlife tour company for small groups, offering tours to the most beautiful places in Tierra del Fuego. All our tours are led by knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides.

cruz Marcelo de Cruz

Marcelo began his career as a naturalist and birdwatcher at the age of 22. After finishing his studies in tourism in Buenos Aires, he moved to Tierra del Fuego in 1991. Since then, he has explored every corner of the island and built up a wealth of knowledge about its unique wildlife. He has developed a special ability to find any species of bird, even the rarest ones. He can also list the names of nearly every living creature that inhabits the Magellanic forests, steppes, high mountains or sea shores of Tierra del Fuego, and cooperates with the National Park Administration for the development of a sustainable tourism strategy. He lives in Ushuaia with his wife, Paula, and his baby daughter, Maria Catalina.

Sabrina Kizman

Originally from Buenos Aires, Sabrina moved to Tierra del Fuego more than 10 years ago, attracted by the island’s nature, history and people. Throughout her professional career in tourism, she has focused on different protected areas and has enhanced her knowledge of the natural environment. She enjoys sharing her love of nature with friends and visitors at this southernmost end of the world.

Maria Laura Borla

Born in Buenos Aires, she finished her degree in tourism in 1985 and settled in Ushuaia to begin her career. Since then, she has worked as a local guide in Tierra del Fuego and her speciality is nature-oriented tourism. Her husband Claudio and yours children Miguel and Martin are active participants in her job. She loves sharing her knowledge of the region’s natural history with English, French and Portuguese speaking visitors.

Paula Maria Alejandra Quadri

Born in Spain, she completed her primary and secondary education in Germany and Switzerland before obtaining her degree in Tourism in Buenos Aires. In 1991, she decided to move to Ushuaia, where she began her career as a local tour guide in German, French and English. This job provides her with the chance to channel her energies into her love for nature and the local landscape. For the last three years, she has also devoted her time to instilling in her little daughter her love for this beautiful region.